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No, you do not need any referral letter. Our patients just need to book online and we will contact you directly within 24 hours to confirm your appointment.[/li_item][li_item icon=”fa-question-circle”]What do I need to prepare?

Just relax yourself and be present for your appointment. For pregnancy scan,if required, doctor may request you to drink lots of water to fill your bowel for better imaging or make you walk around for your baby to change position slightly.[/li_item][li_item icon=”fa-question-circle”]How many scans should I engaged in my pregnancy?

Usually our patient need at least 3 scans, first trimester scan at 12 weeks, anomaly scan at 20 weeks as well as growth scan for later stage. If you have complications, then doctor might suggest a more frequent visit for monitoring of yourself and baby.[/li_item][li_item icon=”fa-question-circle”]How long does it takes?

Usually we will take about 20-30mins per scan. However, if you have complication or multiple pregnancy, the procedure might takes longer.[/li_item][li_item icon=”fa-question-circle”]What should I wear?

During the trans abdominal scan, we will need to see your tummy (from belly button to pubic bone), hence we advise our patients to wear loose clothing during the scan. We will apply water based gel and the transducer will be placed on top of the gel for scanning. Do not worry , the gel will not leave marking on your clothes.[/li_item][li_item icon=”fa-question-circle”]Can my family or friends watch my pregnancy scan?

Definitely.[/li_item][/checklist][/three_fifth][two_fifth last=”yes” spacing=”yes” center_content=”no” hide_on_mobile=”no” background_color=”#ffffff” background_image=”” background_repeat=”no-repeat” background_position=”left top” border_position=”all” border_size=”1px” border_color=”#e2e2e2″ border_style=”solid” padding=”10px 10px 10px 10px” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=”” animation_type=”0″ animation_direction=”down” animation_speed=”0.1″ class=”green-border rounded-border” id=””][fusion_text]

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