Pregnancy Ultrasound Scan

courseimage-30929-pregnancy-yogaUltrasound is usually carried out at different stages of pregnancy.  Individuals with low-risk pregnancy need to go through at least 4 scans throughout the pregnancy. If the woman is above 35 years, she may need more scans. All pregnant women should have one ultrasound scan during the first trimester starting at 6 weeks of pregnancy. The second scan should be done between 11 – 13 weeks of pregnancy. Then it should be followed by anomaly scan or detail scan in second trimester from week 14 to 27 weeks. Doctors will also recommend growth scans in third trimester if the woman has previously given birth to a small baby or twins.

Ultrasound scan can be of two types – Transabdominal and Transvaginal ultrasound.

  1. Transabdominal ultrasound is the one in which sound waves pass through water. The sonographer uses your bladder as porthole to the uterus and moves the scanner in different positions. The scanning process usually takes about 30-40 minutes.
  2. Transvaginal ultrasound – In some cases, trasnabdominal ultrasound cannot produce clear image due to the presence of air in bowel. In such case, slender scanner is inserted into the vagina to produce a clear picture.

What could be the possible diagnosis of ultrasound scan?

  • Check the number of fetus in womb
  • Check the heartbeat of the baby
  • Detect ectopic pregnancy
  • Show the position of baby in placenta
  • Assess the risk of down syndrome
  • Examine if all the organs of the baby are developing or not
  • Diagnose certain abnormalities
  • Determine accurate date of pregnancy
  • See how the baby is growing

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