What is Presentation Scan?

Ultrasound scans are safe for the mothers and their babies. They have no side-effects and help to rule out several abnormalities while also confirming the health of the baby and the mother. The presentation scan helps a doctor to determine the mode of delivery. It is usually performed after 36 week gestation. The baby continues to grow and moving in the mother’s womb during this period. Its position becomes more important as the delivery date approaches.

Why do you need presentation scan?

The scan checks the baby’s position. Babies keep moving around in the womb. The position begins to matter in the 37th week as the due date is drawing near. It will mostly have to be a caesarean delivery if the baby is in the breech position (head up and bottom down). A normal delivery is possible in some breech positions. The doctor will be able to decide on the same after seeing the scan.

Secondly, the scan also checks the position of the placenta. If the placenta was in a lower position at the time of the 20-week scan, it is likely to have moved up out of the way of the cervix by the third trimester scan. If the placenta still persists to be close or over the cervix, it is called placenta praevia. In such cases, a caesarean section becomes necessary.

Hence, presentation scan is very important for the doctor to determine the mode of delivery ahead of time. Also it is to better prepare the mother before the arrival of her newborn.


  • Doctor’s Consultation
  • Scan Report
  • 2 pcs Black and White 2D thermal images



*Booking shall be at least 1 week in advance*


  • No specific preparation is required. In case the imaging is not clear, we may request you to fill your bladder